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Food and beverage brands of all sizes and stages can find resources within the Real Food Brands Marketing Podcast, the free Facebook Real Food Brands Marketing Round Table Community, the Blog and 1:1 Strategy work directly with me.

To learn more about how we can work together, see click the + signs below. If you're interested in an custom Brand Manager arrangement, please contact me.

Intro Call

I am happy to have an introductory 30 minute call to learn about your brand strategy and marketing planning needs, and to see if we are a good fit! 


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Strategy Call

If you are looking for ongoing support to map out strategy, or looking to ensure your day-to-day marketing aligns with your brand strategy, I can help.  

First, you'll fill out a form that will help me guide you through two specific topics you want to focus on to help you accomplish your business goals.  (note: wanting to talk through where to focus next is a fair topic!)

Topics could include target audience, integrated marketing planning, defining your brand, packaging design questions...just ask. If I am not the right resource for you I will gladly refer you to someone in my network. 

$150/ 60 minute session (includes a written recap of top action items)

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Brand Strategy Review

Does your brand have a defined reason for being and personality? If you are interested in refining your brand strategy at a high level, this option is for you. Together, we’ll discuss an overview of your company and its image, and outline some ways to build on your current foundation and differentiate your business.

This includes an initial 45-minute strategy call, written recommendations with action steps via email, and a 30-minute follow-up call. If you're looking for a more comprehensive approach, check out the Brand Tools Playbook.

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Packaging Alignment Review

Your packaging is the face of your brand. Does your product's packaging do its job of clearly communicating your brand's point of difference and taste appeal? Does it entice shoppers to not only pick it up (or click on), but ultimately convince them to put it in their carts?  Does it serve as a foundation for line extensions, as well as larger club store sized packs and smaller single serve snack at convenient stores? 

If you are launching a new product, updating existing packaging, or just considering a change, it's valuable to get a fresh perspective before finalizing the designs. 

This includes an initial 45-minute call to discuss your strategy, review of packaging options (if available), high level competitive set review, written recommendations with action steps via email, and a 30-minute follow-up call. 

Marketing Integration Review

Do your marketing pieces relay a consistent message and look that support your brand and business goals? Do they work together to get your customers closer to the action you want them to take? 

This is a great place to start if you could use a fresh perspective on what your current marketing tactics. It is an opportunity to review if your efforts are working together as levers for your business, or trying to do the heavy lifting alone.  Together we will put your top 3-5 existing marketing tactics side by side as we discuss how each one works together to support your overall objective. 

The package includes a 45-minute consultation via phone, a written recommendation with action steps sent via email, and another 45-minute follow-up call. If you're looking for guidance to develop a comprehensive integrated marketing plan, check out the Marketing Action Plan, aka the M.A.P. 

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Brand Tools Strategy Playbook

This useful document is not meant to be a strategic work of art that sits on a shelf. Instead, it streamlines proven yet complex marketing concepts into actionable brand strategies for your business in a concise playbook that is easy to reference and share internally or with external partners. The Brand Tools Playbook work combines inputs such as the competitive landscape, your company's unique points of difference, your core audience, defining your brand's personality and more and synthesizes it into an actionable brand strategy tool to help create sustainable differentiated position for your company.

Upon completion, this tool should serve as the North Star for all of your business decisions. Read more about the Playbook.
From $1500

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Integrated Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.)

Some brands use reams of paper for strategic marketing plans, but it becomes unwieldy to manage execution. This Marketing Action Plan is different. While thorough, it serves as a user friendly M.A.P. for prioritizing tactics based on agreed upon strategies that will help you reach your business goals.  The Marketing Action Plan is most beneficial when done after the Brand Tools Playbook based on the rich insights that come out of that process. Read more about what is included in the M.A.P.
From $1500

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