Is your brand positioned with the right tools for growth?

What if you had access to the branding and marketing tools big brands use to set themselves apart? With the resources from Real Food Brands, now you do.

Your brand strategy, marketing planning and ongoing marketing management all play a critical role in building a successful brand. Read on to learn more about each. 

Brand Strategy

Telling Your Story:
Defining Your Why

Branding is not just about visuals. It’s the very foundation for what your organization is and what it does. For your business to actively live its purpose in a consistent way both internally and externally, you must first determine your “North Star.” With an easy to understand plan, you will be able to create and deliver deliberate interactions with your consumers and other stakeholders. 

Brand Strategy work include topics such as: 


The Brand Tools Playbook (ideal consumer, competitive snapshot, value proposition, positioning, pillars, personality)

Analysis of current industry trends

Competitive landscape

Product/service naming

Collaboration on design of logo and brand identity

Message development

"One-room test" brand review of current materials

Brand guidelines

Marketing research

Employee training on living the brand

Creating your brand's unique story

Living the brand: customer experience mapping

After the strategic brand foundation work is completed, the next step is Marketing Planning. With the Brand Strategy as your North Star, integrated Marketing Planning is your roadmap.

Marketing Planning

Building the Framework:
A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

Strategy does not have to take a long time or come at the expense of action. It is worth taking a look at a few proven strategic concepts to lay the foundation for your brand before jumping to tactics that may not reach your ideal customers or motivate them to take action.

Have you wondered which marketing activities would help you achieve your goals?

Developing a plan to integrate your marketing tactics around your brand strategy is an important step to driving growth. I can assist you to identify and prioritize a framework for your marketing plan based on your brand strategy, whether you plan to execute yourself or already work with an agency. 


Integrations Marketing Planning work includes topics such as:

Create a Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.) to align marketing tactics to business strategies

Identify ideal consumer personas

Review annual or quarterly strategic marketing plans against business goals

Facilitate one-room test marketing review of existing tactics

Map a deliberate customer experience journey to create loyal customers.

Review of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to define success and inform future plans.

Discuss questions about the role of web, social media, email, content creation, influencers, etc. in your plans

Marketing Management

Taking Action:
Bringing It All to Life

Day-to-day Marketing Management should be rooted in the Brand Strategy and Marketing Planning tools in order to bring your purpose and plans to life. Marketing efforts should be integrated from a visual perspective as well as a messaging perspective so that your brand will successfully engage with consumers throughout their journey: awareness, trial, purchase, use, repeat purchase and referral to others. 

Ongoing Marketing Management work includes topics such as:

Review new materials for consistency across website, social media, print, and others

Agency/vendor selection support to find the right fit

Ongoing resource to serve as a sounding board as needed

Resource planning to identify the best way to implement the marketing plan (i.e. internal or external resources)