Ready to get your products in more shopping carts?

Let's make it happen! 

Your brand goes far beyond your logo.  It is the foundation for every business decision you make. It inspires, guides, and drives action to meet the needs of your customers in a way your competitors can't, or won't. A well defined brand also drives more meaningful conversations with stakeholders like buyers, suppliers, influences and investors. 

Do you ever feel stuck when it comes to understanding the motivations of your ideal customers, creating products they can't wait to buy, designing packaging that pops off the shelf, staying on top of your competitive set...all while managing the overall operations of your company? You're the expert in your business, but as a Brand Strategist, I'll work with you to refine your brand strategy and help align your plans  to support your vision. 

I use my CPG experience at a large food company to bring proven brand management principles to food and beverage companies of all sizes and stages who are working to clean up grocery store aisles.    

Together we can reach more people and prove that food can be nutritious and delicious! 

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May your thanksgiving be filled withlove, happiness, and full tummies!

We're Shaking Up Shopping Carts!

The Real Food Brands Marketing Podcast highlights brand strategy and marketing planning tools that strengthen connections with consumers as well as stakeholders like buyers, suppliers, influencers and investors.

Join me, your host, Katie Mleziva, as we shake up shopping carts and help natural food companies become category leaders in philosophy and growth.

The Process to Building a Strong Brand

Brand Strategy

Craft Your Story

(The WHY)

Your brand strategy defines your ideal audience, competition, point of difference, how you solve your consumer's pain points and more. Is your vision clearly defined in a strategy so you can build the connections needed to grow? 

Marketing Planning

Prioritize Your Methods

(The WHAT)

Identify the marketing tactics that will most effectively help you reach your ideal audiences and achieve your business goals.  I've streamlined complex concepts and created tools to help develop the framework for your integrated marketing plan. 

Marketing Management

Deliver on Your Promise

(The HOW)

Rooted in the strategy and plan, your day-to-day activities bring your purpose and plans to life as you connect with consumers, buyers, investors, vendors and other stakeholders.  I'll work with  you to ensure ongoing alignment with your brand strategy.